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Luxury Island Events

Luxury Island Events is a Travel Agency in Zakynthos (Zante) Greece committed to enhance your travel experience. Focused on customer service, our office is dedicated to ensure that you always receive VIP treatment.

From the very beginning you start planning on your trip, we can assist you with every detail, as in Luxury Island Events, you will find services and products offered by organized and reliable partners that know at first hand how to create unforgettable entertaining experiences and trips.

Some of our services include cruises, leisure, tours, events, wedding organization, festivals, music concerts and quality entertainment.

Our team will take care of you.

Our goal is to satisy every client - Every time for Fun and Travel!

Luxury Island Events officeLuxury Island Events officeLuxury Island Events officeLuxury Island Events office

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Who we are

Denise Kapsaski, is the active and restless personality behind the creation of Luxury Island Events. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she came to Greece at the age of 16 to leave it again later in order to study at the University of Indianapolis, from where she has graduated with a Major Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts.

Before the birth of Luxury Island Events, Denise gained a rich experience in the tourism sector, as she has to count in her resume, prominent management positions in ships, catamarans and flying dolphins both in Greece and Cyprus.

Her first major step was taken in August 2010, when she created her own business, foreshadowing the Luxury Island Events. With her own words "I brought a tourist train from Austria to Laganas. With this I was selling tours around the island.".

Today, her company appeals to travelers from around the world and counts collaborations with professionals from all over the island of Zakynthos. Her main goal for the future is the continuous improvement of Luxury Island Events' touristic product and incorporation therein, all the latest trends in the global tourism scene.

Let us organize your vacation in Zakynthos!