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One of the most beautiful and popular islands of the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos or Zante is world famous for its crystal beaches and intense nightlife. The beach of Navagio or Shipwreck cove is one of the most photographed landscapes in Greece and is ranked at the top ten beaches of the world. Here, you can experience a variety of things like amazing white sandy beaches, exotic turquoise and crystalline blue waters, enchanting blue caves and breathtaking green mountains. You can also swim side by side with the loggerhead sea turtles known as Caretta Caretta by glass bottom boats.

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Shipwreck, Marathonisi (Turtle Island), Blue Caves and Keri caves. Places at which every tourist should take a visit and enhance memories while on Zante. The best way to admire their amazing waters is by boat.

Cruises and Tours to these destinations are organized daily during the summer season by our office with ships, fast VIP cruisers, motorboat rentals, luxury yachts and glass bottom boats. Furthermore, Luxury Island Events can organize for you any kind of recreation activities like scuba diving and watersports. We are the most experienced in the field of watersports. Get ready for unforgettable summer experiences!


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Zakynthos has to offer a rich religious interest. In the centre of the island, there is the church of Saint Dionysius, the saint patron of the island, known for his numerous posthumous miracles. Other known churches and monasteries are those of Agia Mavra in Machairado, the Monastery of Anafonitria (where St. Dionysius gave refuge and forgiveness to the murderer of his brother), the picturesque monastery of Agios Georgios at Gremna, as well as the Monastery of Virgin Mary in Yperagatho, where you will find the largest Oak forest in the Mediterranean.


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Zakynthos town - also known as Chora - is small yet beautiful. The paved street of Alexander Roma offers shopping options for all tastes. The small, but famous district of Bohali on the hill above the town is ideal for relaxation combined with wonderful breathtaking views. There you will find the small temple of Zoodochos Pigi (named after the tomb of Jesus) and numerous small cafés. Bohali is characterized as the most beautiful balcony of the Ionian sea. On the opposite side, you will find the hill of Strani, where Dionysios Solomos, the national poet of Greece got the inspiration and wrote the National Anthem.


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Solomos Square, located in the centre of the island, offers a beautiful insight into the history of Zakynthos. Here you will find a statue of Greece's national poet, Dionysios Solomos, as well as the Byzantine Museum, which houses several sculptures, icons and statues. The Museum of Solomos, Kalvos and Eminent people of Zakynthos, which contains the remains of both poets is located in the nearby square of Agios Markos.


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The beauty of Zakynthos is not only limited to its deep blue waters and the beautiful town of the island, but also to its picturesque villages that have developed their own cultural heritage. Companies like Therianos Village, Aristeon Ecological Olive Press and Museum Lithakia, Callinico Traditional Wine Factory, Chelmis Museum of Natural History and Askos Stone Park, a natural park for the exploration of Flora and Fauna do worth a visit while on Zante Island. The Mediterannean paradise of Zakynthos awaits to offer you the chance to enjoy your favourite activity in the midst of nature.

Our office organizes daily bus road trips to all the above destinations. Coach tours, jeep safaris, horse riding and a number of other special excursions will help you experience the most of all the amazing things the island has to offer.

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